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the bars

A refreshingly tasty and healthy raw snack bar mindfully crafted to keep you full and sustained.  And guess what?  You eat it cold because it’s mind blowing eating them straight from the freezer or refrigerator (totally up to you). From the first bite you take and every bite after, Yummmm!Bar leaves you saying Yummmm!

Why soooo many Mmmm’s in Yummmm!Bar?  Well, the 4’s Mmmm is a reminder that this raw bar is shaped to:

  • Maximize Satisfaction

  • Magnify Energy

  • Minimize Hunger Pangs

  • Made with Love from Home

Ingredients: oats, peanut butter, chia seeds, flax seed meal, organic coconut oil, maple syrup, and your choice of semi-sweet chocolate chip, dried cranberries, or pumpkin seeds


the journey

I made, I ate, I loved, and now I share! 

Always in a rush, with never enough time to eat, I relied heavily on anything with artificial sweeteners to help curb hunger pangs.  Although tasty, those snacks never filled me up or kept me satisfied, instead it left me wanting more.  It was a constant battle between the mind and the taste buds.  I tried the health bars at the specialty food markets, but nothing seemed to satisfy my palate, my belly, or my wallet.   

Without a lot of experience in the kitchen, I started experimenting and mixing different ingredients and came up with a creation of my own.  As the first taste tester of this new creation, I was excited to see this bar made a great impression on my sister.  Shortly after, I brought a bar to work and let one of my co-workers taste tested it. That’s when he planted a seed in my head to start selling the bars.   

For the past few years, I made bars over the weekends and sold them to friends and co-workers, while having a full-time corporate job and teaching yoga.  I contemplated many times on whether to make these bars into a business, but an intuitive nudge kept pushing me to do it.  So here I am, a small business owner!  I understand what it is like juggling a busy life while constantly running around and balancing work, family, relationships, and staying healthy.  I hope Yummmm!Bar can help you stay full and sustained, while giving you the energy needed to stay balanced.

the intention

in the midst of being busy, we remember to SHOW LOVE TOWARDS OURSELVES AND OTHERS, enjoy life, and give back.


the shop

3 Flavors to experience!


Man-this-is-Good Bar

Decadently delicious! Known as the chocolate chip cookie’s “tastier looking sister”, each bite makes you want more.

Bag of 12 for $35


Mouthwatering Pb&J Bar

Deliciously tart and sweet dried cranberries, some people refer to it as the peanut butter and jelly bar.

Bag of 12 for $35


Manifest-Your-Delish Bar

Hearty yet deceptively slim tasting. Looking for that crunch without the extra calories and guilt? This is the bar for you!

Bag of 12 bars for $35

LIMITED TIME ONLY! VeganWonka Inspired Yummmm!Bar: Almond butter, cacao nibs, golden berries, raw agave, teff, oats, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, pink salt.


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